Gabbi Merz

I'm a junior at Harvard pursuing an A.B./S.M. in Computer Science.

In my free time I teach future tech assosciates of the Harvard Crimson the basics of web development using Python + Django. I also work with Professor Stuart Shieber and Sam Green as the Head Teaching Fellow for CS51: Abstraction and Design.

I like bad jokes, Thai food minus the peanuts, and any excuse to sleep in late. Why not get in touch?

Projects and Such

A lot of my classes require final projects. Here are some of my favorites.

Yelp Dataset Challenge

Predicting restaurant success using neighborhood indicators

Python ML


Using the continuous bag of words (CBOW) model of word2vec for directed link prediction on the Twitter social network graph.

Python Jupyter word2vec

Tracking the Harvard Shuttle

A giant LED Harvard Shuttle Tracker

Python RaspberryPi AdaFruit

Personalizing Medical Decisions

Using a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) to personalize mammography screening decisions following the model presented in 'A POMDP Approach to Personalize Mammography Screening Decisions' by Ayer et. al